Activity Description Speakers Duration
KN Keynote Proposed by the Organising committee Chairperson, Moderator and 3 speakers 1:30h
SO Symposium Proposals submitted by the participants Chairperson, Moderator and 3 speakers 1:30h
PO Poster Brief communication in poster format Limited to 10 authors
OC Oral communication Brief oral communication 1 speaker 6 +2 min


Chairman: his role is to make a few opening remarks at the start of the session, introduce each speaker, field questions from the audience (along with moderator) and keep everything to time.

Moderator (proposed by scientific committee): he will assist the Chair and the speakers. He is expected to encourage audience participation, fielding questions from the floor, whilst keeping the symposium to allocated time.

Participants can only act as the chairman in one session, and as a speaker in another one.


Posters will be presented in PAPER FORMAT.

Rules for poster presentation

• Maximum size: 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).
• Title: please do not use capitalized text.
• There will be a maximum of 10 authors per poster

It is mandatory for the first author to be registered before the poster gets fully accepted.

Oral communications

This communication is to be conducted by one presenting author, who will have approximately 6 minutes to provide an oral presentation and 2 extra minutes for quick questions/clarifications.